Types Of Vinyl Floors - Things You Should Not Miss To Know

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Vinyl floors are known for their adaptability. No other flooring type can top vinyl floors for their all-around combination of various attributes, such as durability and ability to be installed anywhere. Vinyl is stylish, easy to clean and easy to maintain. It’s best to explore the different types of vinyl once you have chosen vinyl for your home. In this blog, Alberta Carpet Centre explores the various types of vinyl flooring to make your selection easy.We have been providing reliable flooring services such as vinyl, tile and hardwood installations and maintenance since 1993. Our specialist team will help you pick the right style, colour and texture of flooring that perfectly matches your space.  

Have a look at the various types of vinyl floors that you can select from:

·       Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks are designed to give the appearance of hardwood without the cost. Compared to traditional hardwood planks, vinyl planks offer low maintenance and higher stain resistance. The format over vinyl planks can be changed for mimicking different wood species, textures and colours. Vinyl planks are also waterproof and can be sealed to prevent moisture from entering through the floor completely.

·       Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tiles comprise of individual squares that, when assembled, give the appearance of stone tiles. One major benefit of individual tiles is that they are easier to replace if damaged. Vinyl tile flooring can also be used to arrange a pattern that enhances the resemblance to stone or ceramic tile.

·       Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl sheet flooring is single roll flooring about six to 12 feet wide. Vinyl sheet tiles dramatically reduce the number of seams and are, therefore, the right choice for high-moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. With today’s printing technology, vinyl sheet flooring can be created with tile, stone or hardwood visuals. Vinyl sheet is affordable, durable, low-maintenance and easy to install over tile, concrete or wood.

·       Luxury Tile Vinyl

Luxury tile vinyl can capture the same stylish trends found in hardwood planks and natural stone. From rustic, exotic and traditional woods to modern designs, you can find the authentic look you need at an affordable price.

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