Vinyl Flooring The Perfect Option For Your Kitchen

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In kitchens, people gather to not just cook and eat but also share experiences.  As the heart of every home, its design and construction should be done with care.  It should allow you to effortlessly cook and clean. Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd is proud of its vinyl flooring products and installations services.  The material is durable and waterproof, making it well-suited for your kitchen.

What is Vinyl?

It is a man-made synthetic material; a type of plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Both the substances combine to form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, commonly known as Vinyl.

It was first invented in 1920 by scientists trying to create a durable chemical-compound which could be easily manufactured and would be cheaper than others.

Today, PVC is majorly used in construction for both residential and commercial complexes. It combines well with additives and modifiers, making it suitable for manufacturing products like clothing.

A Variety of Tile Options

Vinyl flooring is available in 3 types – Vinyl sheets, Vinyl planks and Vinyl tiles. While sheet flooring is easier to install and is more water resistant, tile flooring offers the appearance of ceramic floors and is cheaper. Plank flooring imitates the appearance of hardwood floors (grouped as printed, solid or composite).

Solid tiles have a more natural look than others; colors in these are homogeneously distributed through the entire thickness. So, if the top regions get scratches, they aren’t that evident.

On the other hand, colors in printed tiles are present in specific layers. These are sandwiched between the bottom base layers and the protective top clear layers. They can be further distinguished based on thickness.

Colors in composite tiles are also distributed homogeneously. They are quite durable as they comprise vinyl resin and mineral dust (available in marbleized, textured and matte finishes).

Suits Your Kitchen Needs

The characteristics of vinyl make it a reliable option for your kitchen flooring. Food spills are a common occurrence that can weaken and deteriorate the floor. Vinyl is the perfect solution as it is:

  • Easy to install and maintain – Plywood underlay ensures a smooth surface. Make sure the subfloor is leveled and completely dry before placing the tiles. Use an adhesive for this and let it dry for several hours. It is also easy to maintain. You just need to sweep the dirt off the surface and then damp-mop it with a floor cleaner

  • Water and stain resistance – No matter how much you try, water spills are difficult to avoid in the kitchen. When moisture seeps in between the tiles, it gradually leads to tile failure, rot and mold. Vinyl does not absorb water at all, provided that the sheet and tiles are well installed. Stain removal is easy in printed vinyl tiles, as they have a protective layer on top, while in solid and composite tiles, stains can be removed by polishing.

  • Comfortable underfoot – Softer than wood or ceramic tile floors, vinyl is very comfortable to walk on. You may even add a padded underlay for additional softness.

  • Inexpensive and durable – Though the cost depends on the type and quality of vinyl used, it is still very cheap compared to other materials. Improper flooring products cannot bear the rigours of a kitchen, resulting in failure or abrasion. Robust vinyl is crush and wear resistant; you can replace individual pieces in case of breakage. 

With vinyl flooring in your kitchen, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. For better understanding, browse through some photos of the flooring solutions provided by Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd. When you deal with us, you can be certain you have hired the right company, as we have been in business for over 25 years. 

Contact our experts to learn more about the vinyl flooring patterns, prices and styles available.