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Discover the beauty of a lush green lawn with minimal maintenance. Alberta Carpet Centre, Edmonton's top artificial grass company, offers premium turf for residential and commercial properties. Contact us for a free consultation!"

If you're yearning for a vibrant green lawn without the hassle of constant maintenance, look no further. Alberta Carpet Centre, the leading artificial grass company in Edmonton, specializes in providing and installing premium turf solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

With Alberta Carpet Centre, you can transform your space into a green oasis that stays lush and vibrant all year round, without the need for mowing and aerating.

Why Choose Us

  • Premium Quality - We offer top-notch artificial grass products that not only look and feel like real grass but also withstand the test of time.
  • Versatile Applications - From residential lawns to commercial spaces, playgrounds, and sporting complexes, our artificial grass solutions are tailored to suit various environments.
  • Low Maintenance - Artificial grass is known for its low maintenance requirements compared to natural grass. Highlighting the benefits of minimal upkeep and reduced water consumption can be compelling reasons for customers to choose our product.
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Ready to make the switch to artificial grass?

Experience the beauty of a low-maintenance, evergreen lawn with Alberta Carpet Centre. Contact us now for a free consultation and take the first step towards transforming your space with premium artificial grass.

Contact Alberta Carpet Centre in Edmonton today for a free consultation. Let us guide you through the possibilities of enhancing your property with our premium artificial turf solutions


Elevate Your Indoor Golf Experience

At Alberta Carpet Centre, where we provide top-quality indoor golf turf solutions for home and commercial spaces. Our premium turf offers durability, realism, and low maintenance, perfect for creating the ultimate indoor golfing experience.

Why Choose Us

  • Premium Quality - Crafted with the finest materials for a realistic feel.
  • Customizable Options - Choose from various styles, textures, and colors.
  • Low Maintenance - Hassle-free upkeep for more time on the green.
  • Transform Your Space - Turn any indoor area into a golfing oasis with our turf solutions. Our experts will handle installation for a seamless experience.
  • Get Started Today - Ready to elevate your indoor golf game? Contact us to learn more and schedule a consultation with our turf experts.
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