Which Is The Best Flooring Option For My House?

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Plenty of people decided to upgrade their flooring, spending nearly $23 billion in the last year. If you're thinking of replacing your floors in your home, you might be wonder what the best option is?

The good news is, there are plenty of choices out there for redoing the floors in your home. The only problem you'll have is picking from all of the great options.

Ready to check out the types of floors you can add to your home? Let's go over each flooring option available and see which is your best choice.


Vinyl flooring has a layer of PVC that's textured to look like stone or wood. It's flexible, resilient, and affordable.

Pros: Easy to install, budget-friendly, looks like the real thing, easy to clean, feels natural underfoot.

Cons: when it wears out, you have to replace it; not eco-friendly.


Hardwood is the most popular flooring choice. It makes sense; hardwood is a classic and elegant look.

Pros: Easy to clean and install, can be refinished multiple times to get out scratches and dents.

Cons: It doesn't handle moisture and temperature changes well so keep it out of laundry rooms and bathrooms.


Looking for the beauty and versatility of wood but want something a little more earth-friendly? Bamboo is your best option since it grows so quickly.

Pros: It can stand up to more moisture than hardwood; it is an eco-friendly choice.

Cons: Some forms of bamboo flooring are more vulnerable to scratches and dents and less durable.


Don't want a hard, cold surface underfoot? A soft, luxurious carpet might be your best bet.

Pros: It’s soft, can soften and absorb sounds, slip-resistant.

Cons: Harder to clean than solid surfaces; can hold onto pet dander and other allergens.


Cork is a flooring choice that's gaining in popularity. Much like bamboo, it can be harvested in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Pros: Quiet, warm, sustainable, naturally mold- and termite-resistant.

Cons: Needs to be resealed every few years; doesn't do well in high moisture areas.


Tile is versatile and comes in a wide area of options. From rich terracotta to glassy glazed ceramic, from durable porcelain to textured quarry tile, your home would look great with tile flooring.

Pros: Durable; does well in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens; easy to clean.

Cons: Feels cold, can be slippery; grout between tiles can be challenging to clean.

Best Flooring Option for Your Home

No matter what, research each option to ensure you're getting the highest quality materials for your home. Remember, your floor is a major component of your home and you want it to be easy to clean and beautiful.

No matter what, it's best to have the pros help you install your new flooring. That's where we come in. Reach out to us if you’re looking to install new flooring. We have tons of options available to choose from. We can help you install it too.