Questions To Ask When Choosing A Carpet And Flooring Store

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Are you looking to install new carpet floors at your home or place of business? With so many options available, you want to be certain to hire the right company. Find the answers to these questions before making a purchase from a carpet and flooring store.

1. How long has the retailer been around?

The longer a company has been in business, the more experienced and professional you can expect them to be. Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd has served the Edmonton area for over 25 years, so you can count on their expertise.

2. Where are they located?

Getting to and around the store easily makes your shopping experience more pleasant. Our carpet and flooring store is conveniently located to serve all of Edmonton and its surrounding areas. It’s easy to get to by car or public transit, and the building is fully wheelchair accessible.

3. Do they have a wide selection?

A large number of products and options mean you have a better chance of finding the perfect item. At Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd, you’ll find a wide variety of carpet and flooring selections and thereby something to suit every room in your home.

4. Are their prices fair?

It’s always important to consider the bottom line for any project, especially one as big and important as your flooring. With a wide variety of options available at Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd, you’re sure to find a flooring option that doesn’t break the bank, no matter what your budget.

5. Do they offer excellent customer service?

If you’re not a flooring professional, the purchasing process can be overwhelming. When you buy from Albert Carpet Centre Ltd, you can be sure that the staff will be with you every step of the way and that you won’t have to sort through the limitless style, colour and texture combinations available by yourself.

6. Will they install it for you?

To make the experience as simple as possible, it’s best to buy your carpet and flooring from a store in Edmonton that offers installation services. Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd will take care of everything, from on-site measuring services to the installation itself.

At Alberta Carpet Centre, you’ll find a great selection of carpet, tile, hardwood and laminate flooring at unbeatable prices. Call today to schedule an installation for carpet and vinyl flooring, or drop by the store to see the options available to you.