How To Choose Your Bathroom Tile

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One of the most important decisions when planning a bathroom renovation is the tiling. Because of the bewildering variety of styles available, your visit to the tile store may be overwhelming. No need to worry. Here’s how to find the perfect tiles for your washroom.

1. Think about floor tiles

The first thing to do is to settle on a material. Popular options include:

  • Ceramic. This popular material is versatile and easy to clean. It comes in many different colours, shapes and designs. 

  • Porcelain. This dense, smooth material is prized for its durability. 

  • Natural stone. will give your bathroom a spa-like feel but requires a little more work for cleaning and maintenance. Stone will also need to be sealed after installation because it’s porous.

It’s best to avoid using glass tiling for the floor, as it’s very slippery when wet. Once you’ve picked the material, you can start thinking about colour, style and layout. While neutral tones are common, patterned and colourful floor tiles are increasingly trendy.

2. Think about wall tiles

While not a good candidate for flooring, glass tiling really shines as a material for walls and accent pieces. Depending on your choice of floor tiling, you may want to go bold or understated with this.

Even if you went with a neutral floor tile, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Eye-catching pieces, which are often expensive, are best used as a focal point. This means only a few of them are integrated into your design.

3. Think about layout

Take the time to speak to an expert and look at a variety of different styles and layouts. All shapes of tile, from large rectangles to small hexagons, can be placed together in different ways. The exact way in which you decide to arrange the tiles can make or break your bathroom, so don’t rush anything.

4. Think about shape and size

Choose your tile size according to how big your bathroom is. While large rectangular tiles are currently popular, these tend to work better in spacious rooms. Don’t let trends govern your decisions. Sometimes, it’s best to go with something that works perfectly for your space rather than something that’s trendy.

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