5 Tips For Getting Your Floor Installed During COVID

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Have you been planning to install new floors, but are hesitant to proceed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Getting your floor installed can be a challenging process under normal circumstances, and now we have the additional challenge of COVID restrictions to contend with as well.

However, getting your floor installed is not impossible! Let's take a look at ways to make it practical despite our current situation.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Pay Attention to Local Restrictions

If you intend to employ a floor installation service, you will first want to determine what your local COVID restrictions and overall situation are. This will ensure you won't be stymied partway into the project.

2. Think About Your Flooring Type

What types of flooring are you considering? There are many options available, including hardwood and laminate flooring; however, there might be delays or limited availability of products. Your budget may be the deciding factor. Whatever you choose, we have a wide array of options to choose from.

3. Consider Your Furniture

How will you manage the furniture in the room or rooms the new flooring will be installed in? We recommend using a portable storage container to keep your furniture safe and clean. Especially during a pandemic, keeping your things away from potential contamination is important.

4. Keep Your Home Clean

What about keeping dust stirred up by the project out of sensitive parts of your home? Not only do you want to keep your home dust-free, but COVID-free as well. If your home has central air, we strongly recommend keeping air vents closed in the rooms where construction occurs and replacing your air filters for maximum protection. You can also erect a temporary plastic wall sealed with tape to restrict the spread of dust and other particles.

5. Think of Your Pets

If you have pets, how will the project affect them? Renovation is stressful enough for people, and many companion animals are even more susceptible to stresses caused by changes in their environment. Ensure they have a comfortable refuge to retreat to and feel safe in, ideally in a room with a closeable door.

What About COVID?

No matter the precautions you take, getting your floor installed still means bringing outside materials and contractors into your home. What additional steps can you take to keep your home safe and virus-free?

COVID-19 is most dangerous when it is airborne and can be inhaled, so wearing masks while people outside your household are present is a wise precaution.

Of course, like all particles, the virus ultimately will fall and land on surfaces. This will include your new flooring as well as existing furniture and countertops. Check out this article for tips on how to keep your home clean.

Stay Safe and Enjoy Your New Floors

Despite our current circumstances, getting your floor installed is practical. We hope you have found our advice useful in making your decision to move forward with installing new flooring for your home.

If you require more information or suggestions, we at Alberta Carpet Centre would be happy to help you out! Get in touch with us today.