4 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Commercial Floors

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Commercial floors are high-traffic zones that need regular care to stay in top shape.

All floor types are affected in some way by dirt, debris, and dust. A dirty, damaged floor will harm your brand image and pose hazardous for employees to trip and fall.

If you want to learn how to maintain commercial floors, keep reading for some simple tips.

Make Use of Mats

Most of the dirt that messes up commercial floors is brought in on the bottom of people’s feet. A mat at every entrance is a simple but highly effective way of minimizing how much dirt is brought in from outside.

Mats made from polypropylene and nylon are hard-wearing and will hold up well under the high stresses of a commercial environment. Choose mats with a certified slip-resistant rubber backing to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.

Vacuum Floors Weekly

Part of commercial floor maintenance is to remove dust regularly. Whether you have carpet, vinyl tiles, cork, or wood, all floors types are affected by dust and dirt build-up. Over time, the effects of the dirt will damage your floor and leave it looking old and neglected.

Regular vacuuming is essential to prevent an accumulation of this damaging dirt. Vacuum thoroughly at least once a week and more frequently in high dust zone. Aim to get into all the corners and underneath furniture. Pick the proper machine attachment for each area to be most effective and not damage the flooring surface.

Avoid Dragging Furniture

Dragging furniture can potentially damage the flooring in different ways. If you are going to be re-arranging furniture, make sure you have enough manpower to lift large items.

You can also make use of moving blankets, particularly if you have wooden floors. Furniture sliders are another simple way of protecting your floors. There are different types of sliders available depending on your floor surface.

Call in Professional Cleaners

Outsourcing commercial floor maintenance is a great way to keep your floors looking amazing, as well as being an investment in the life of your flooring. This is especially true if you have specialty flooring that needs particular care or areas with different surfaces that need to be treated individually.

Regular cleaning staff will do the basics, but getting in the experts will make your floors shine to their full potential and last as long as they’re meant to. 

When to Replace Commercial Floors

Keeping your commercial floors spotless and sparkling is doable, but there will come a day when the wear-and-tear shows through the shine. When it’s time to replace, browse the selection of flooring options available from Alberta Carpet Centre. Under one roof, you’ll find carpeting, hardwood and laminate, vinyl, tile, or stone and mosaics. Contact us for stunning new flooring for your commercial space.